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JH Integrative Community Clinic

The Communinatty Walk-In Clinic is an affordable and easy way to get acupuncture treatments without an appointment. We provide this service to the Jackson Hole community to help those that cannot easily afford private sessions, and for those that need more sessions than they can afford with their private practitioner. If you currently have a private practitioner, that practitioner remains your primary practitioner who continues to monitor your herbs, supplements and treatments in a private setting, while treatments in the Community Walk-In Clinic supplement those treatments with increased frequency.

Treatments may also be given to Jackson Hole locals and visitors that just need a "tune-up", would like to experience acupuncture and Chinese Medicine without the initial cost of a private treatment , a quick de-stress treatment, or any orthopedic treatments such as back, shoulder, knee or other soreness or injury. Stress, fertility, anxiety, women's health, allergies and any number of ailments can be treated in the Community Walk-In Clinic. Please refer to the list by the World Health Organization (WHO) for more conditions suitable for acupuncture treatment.

Treatments for the Community Walk-In Clinic are limited to one symptom or problem per treatment, with the initial consult approximately 10 minutes. Your treatment for 30 minutes on a table or a chair may include needles, cupping, or electro-stimulation. Auricular treatments are also available and are given sitting in a chair with needles in both ears for 20 minutes, a great "quickie" treatment for stress, relaxation, and de-toxing. Treatments take place in a common room, where others may be having treatments at the same time. The common room can be busy and a little noisy, or it can be quiet and subdued. The atmosphere is supportive and congenial, and most people find it relaxing and healing.

Multiple and/or very complex health issues will be limited to a single issue, and the patient will be strongly advised to find a private practitioner for further in-depth work and analysis.

Clinic Hours

Generally, every Wednesday from 4 - 6 pm.
Please see our Facebook page for current updates.

Jeremiah Handschin, D.C. www.promochiro.com


$40-$60 sliding scale according to what you feel you can pay that day for a treatment of 30 minutes in an open public room. No appointment is necessary and it is a first come first served policy.

The JH Integrative Community Clinic is available to help people receive affordable acupuncture and/or chiropractic treatments and/or ongoing multiple treatments close together, or to supplement the private sessions with their practitioner.** 
The Community Walk-In Clinic is a cash only clinic. If needed, there are several ATM machines within very short walking distances from the clinic.

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