Contact and Scheduling Information

307-690-9540 to schedule appointments or for questions or information.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment time. Within 24 hours, there will be a fee of $85 for missed appointments

What to expect on your first visit

Expect to spend 1.75 hours during your first visit You will need to fill out appropriate forms detailing your medical history, your diet and lifestyle, and any medications, supplements, and herbal or homeopathic remedies you are taking. These forms may be filled out in advance, or you may alott a few minutes to have them filled out prior to your appointed time.

The first visit is your time to ask questions and voice your concerns, as well as for your practitioner to ask in-depth questions about your health. Questions on the Intake forms, or from your practitioner may seem irrelevant to your condition, however they are an important aspect of your overall health and are imperative for proper diagnosing in the traditional method of Oriental Medicine.

Very complex conditions and health issues may take more time to discuss and evaluate, or you may have many questions that need to be addressed, limiting your initial acupuncture treatment on the table. Please know that the initial evaluation is very important and your questions must be addressed. Follow-up treatments will allow you to have the amount of time on the table that you need.

If you are in pain, we will try to keep the intake session as short as possible so that you are able to get a full treatment during the scheduled time.